Modeling Internal and External Events Using Polymorphic Messaging

Michael McCarthy - 09/29/2020

Polymorphic messaging is a powerful concept that can assist with message contract migration in production environments as well as build message inheritance hierarchies for groups of related use cases. One often overlooked use for polymorphic messaging is to partition data along boundary lines between "internal" events and "external" events.

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Building a Highly Scalable File Processing Platform with NServiceBus

Sam Martindale - 08/13/2019

Recently, we have had several clients trying to solve the age-old problem of file processing, and in both cases a quick reference to this old presentation from NSBCon 2014 seemed to help them in their implementation.  If you are trying to process large amounts of data from flat files into your system(s), this presentation is a great showcase of our own approaches, lessons learned, and anti-patterns that may help you!

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Explore DDD

Sam Martindale - 08/08/2019

Afterman is proud to be sponsoring Explore DDD in Denver!

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Domain Driven Design and Bounded Contexts from an Event Driven Perspective

Jason Reardon - 04/10/2019

This video starts with a lightning talk by Gomti Mehta as an introduction to Domain Driven Design. The main talk, given by Indu Alagarsamy of Particular Software, delves deeper into DDD and Bounded Contexts from the perspective of an event-driven architecture.

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Architecture Diagram of Headless CMS

Reasons To Go Headless with Kentico Cloud

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/04/2018

Kentico Cloud has been a significant boost to our online presence and the experience has inspired us to compile a list of the benefits your organization will experience by converting your online presence to the headless CMS Kentico Cloud.

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