Modeling Internal and External Events Using Polymorphic Messaging

Michael McCarthy - 09/29/2020

Polymorphic messaging is a powerful concept that can assist with message contract migration in production environments as well as build message inheritance hierarchies for groups of related use cases. One often overlooked use for polymorphic messaging is to partition data along boundary lines between "internal" events and "external" events.

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Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 4: Build and Deploy with Azure DevOps

Michael McCarthy - 07/20/2020

In Part 3, we pulled back the curtain on Visual Studio Publish to gain insight into what it was doing in order to deploy our NServiceBus endpoint to Azure. Using that newfound knowledge, we'll be "graduating" from right-click/Publish to Azure DevOps.

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NServiceBus Message Property Encryption with AWS KMS

Brad Jolicoeur - 06/29/2020

One of the many features of NServiceBus is the ability to encrypt specific properties/fields in your messages.  NServiceBus property encryption ensures sensitive data in messages are encrypted at-rest as well as obscured from system administrators when they end up in your error queue.  Property encryption also has the benefits of leaving non-sensitive data in the message available for debugging purposes.

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Getting Started with Database Projects: Deployment Scripts and Breaking Changes

Mark Wheeler - 06/23/2020

In my first blog I walked through setting up a database project and explained the benefits. Now that you have implemented your database project and developers are making their changes, your deployment process is failing every so often. What is up with that? The errors that are most common in deploying a database project fall into the following groups (based on what I have seen over the last few years)

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Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 3: Pulling Back the Curtain on Visual Studio Publish

Michael McCarthy - 06/12/2020

In Part 2, we used Visual Studio's Publish feature to deploy our NServiceBus endpoint to an Azure App Service, and after only one manual change in the Azure Portal, saw our endpoint successfully running by viewing the app service logs. In this post, we'll be pulling back the curtain on Visual Studio Publish to examine what's happening in your local solution and in Azure.

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Using LocalStack for NServiceBus Development

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/30/2020

Having a local development environment that emulates AWS cloud services can be an extremely handy tool when developing NServiceBus endpoints that use AWS services.  LocalStack is that tool and in this article I will describe what LocalStack is, how it is useful and how to get started with an example project.

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Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 2: Deploy with Visual Studio Publish

Michael McCarthy - 05/18/2020

In the last post we coded an NServiceBus endpoint running in a hosted service in the .NET Core generic host. Now that we have an endpoint, how do we deploy it to an Azure App Service? Like all things in life, when in doubt, right-click! More specifically, right-click, Publish.

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Running NServiceBus Endpoints in Azure App Services Part 1: Endpoint Implementation

Michael McCarthy - 05/12/2020

As the cloud slowly becomes the norm rather than the exception, frameworks built with .NET have to find a way to run in new cloud-based hosting models. This post is the first in a series on how to code, build, deploy and run an NServiceBus endpoint in Azure App Services.

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7 Tips on Working From Home

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/01/2020

Afterman Software's employees primarily work remote, so our team members have a lot of experience working from home offices.  This experience has helped us develop some tips that we feel will be helpful for all the folks thrust into working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Getting Started with Database Projects: Setting Up

Mark R Wheeler - 04/28/2020

Many companies wrestle with deploying SQL Server changes. This is not a new problem and has been a source of pain for some time. Some companies have written their own process to manage the deployment of databases while others use third party solutions, like RedGate’s SQL Compare.

However, who better qualified to provide a database deployment solution for SQL Server than the company who offers the product? Enter Microsoft’s Visual Studio Database Projects. 

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DDD - How to Get Your Teams Off On the Right Foot

Don Hamm - 10/03/2019

Domain Driven Design and Distributed Domain Driven Design – we hear these terms often and many companies and technical teams want to jump on the band wagon but, how do they get started?

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Building a Highly Scalable File Processing Platform with NServiceBus

Sam Martindale - 08/13/2019

Recently, we have had several clients trying to solve the age-old problem of file processing, and in both cases a quick reference to this old presentation from NSBCon 2014 seemed to help them in their implementation.  If you are trying to process large amounts of data from flat files into your system(s), this presentation is a great showcase of our own approaches, lessons learned, and anti-patterns that may help you!

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Explore DDD

Sam Martindale - 08/08/2019

Afterman is proud to be sponsoring Explore DDD in Denver!

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Domain Driven Design and Bounded Contexts from an Event Driven Perspective

Jason Reardon - 04/10/2019

This video starts with a lightning talk by Gomti Mehta as an introduction to Domain Driven Design. The main talk, given by Indu Alagarsamy of Particular Software, delves deeper into DDD and Bounded Contexts from the perspective of an event-driven architecture.

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Brick Wall with Text "Until Debt Tear Us Apart"

Avoiding Technical Bankruptcy

Matthew "Kerch" Kercheval - 10/29/2018

Something always puzzled me, why credit card companies would allow college students to open credit cards accounts. That nice ten dollar combo Phở and Boba Tea for $9.99, ends up ballooning to $50 bucks by senior year. This similar to how that quick one-liner fix goes from an extra-small t-shirt to a v-neck for a blue whale.

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Configuration with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Spring Cloud Config

Brad Jolicoeur - 07/26/2018

I recently put together an example to see how well using the Spring Config Server with Pivotal Cloud Foundry works. This article contains the steps I took to get my example project up and running. A little more involved than the last article, but super powerful. 

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Deploy ASP.NET Core With Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Brad Jolicoeur - 07/24/2018

I've been experimenting with Pivotal Cloud Foundry recently and put this quick tutorial together for deploying an ASP.NET Core application using PCF. I was amazed at how easy this was and I'm sure you will be too.

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Choices Decision Doors

Types of CMS Architectures

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/10/2018

Content Management Systems have evolved over the years and there are a few different options available to choose from. Picking the right solution that will be agile and meet the rapidly changing requirements of an online presence is an important decision. This article provides a brief summary of Coupled, Decoupled and Headless architectures, which are the three most common architectures for CMS solutions available today.

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Architecture Diagram of Headless CMS

Reasons To Go Headless with Kentico Cloud

Brad Jolicoeur - 05/04/2018

Kentico Cloud has been a significant boost to our online presence and the experience has inspired us to compile a list of the benefits your organization will experience by converting your online presence to the headless CMS Kentico Cloud.

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Big Red Deploy Button

Deploy only what changed with Octopus

Jason Reardon - 04/16/2018

Ever wonder how to make your deployments more efficient? Why not try deploying only the services that actually changed?

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Run a Test

Unit Testing for BDD

Chris Wall - 04/10/2018

There are a lot of "whatever" Driven Development methodologies out there to help give us a framework by which to craft better software. Most all of these stem from Test Driven Development and narrow TDD's focus to help solve more specific problems or make it easier to...

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Illustration of Mapping

Conveniently Customized Instance Mappings in NServiceBus

Jason Reardon - 02/08/2018

Customize your NServiceBus endpoint instance mappings to be easily configurable and maintainable.

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2017 Retrospective and Review

Matthew Kercheval - 12/19/2017

"At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly."

- Principles behind the Agile Manifesto

Agile is what you make it. It is interesting to see how culture influences the agile process. As every team'...

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entrepreneurs n' fuego

Sam Martindale - 11/30/2017

Afterman Software is thankful for the great folks that run Entrepreneurs N' Fuego, who graciously invited us to come speak about our passion for consulting, technology, and our culture of helping others reach their potential. 

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Bubble Rock

Are you Ignoring Conway's Law

Brad Jolicoeur - 11/29/2017

Does this sound familiar?

Enterprise System A has been replaced by Enterprise System B and while the switch went successfully, the stakeholders are hopping mad. The data has issues that were not identified during testing and there are an increasing number of issues bei...

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