At Afterman, we strive to deliver superior business solutions, and exemplary consulting services. We forge lasting and personal relationships with all of our clients, large and small. And we always hold true to our standards of delivery: honesty in our words, integrity in our actions, and heart and soul in everything we touch.

mary martindale

founder and ceo

As founder and CEO, Mary directs the vision and strategy of Afterman Software. She has played a pivotal role in the advent of startups, and is a key contributor in the incubation and growth of small business and startups, and has a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their technology and business strategy goals. ​

sam martindale

sam martindale

founder and cto

As founder and CTO, Sam manages and directs the everyday technology direction of Afterman Software. He has successfully founded and established several past companies, successfully grown his previous consulting firm to over 40 consultants, and has led dozens of successful projects for a multitude of clients ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies. ​

jason reardon

sr software architect

Jason Reardon is a Senior Software Architect here at Afterman Software, and was the first to join our team. Starting his career as a QA, Jason segued into development after getting into test automation and quickly rose to the position he holds today. He has worked on a number of projects employing NServiceBus based solutions and has a good deal of experience in the DevOps arena. Jason lives in Dallas, TX.

joel mccormick

sr software architect

Joel brings over 20 years of software development experience to our team at Afterman Software. With a long history of both consulting and entrepreneurship, Joel brings not only superb technical skills, but also a sense of pragmatism to all of his clients, resulting in successful, timely deliveries, time and again.

tim o'donnell

sr software architect

Tim O'Donnell is a Senior Software Architect with 20+ years of development experience implementing high volume systems for the financial, automotive, healthcare and theme park industries. Taking a pragmatic approach by iteratively implementing fundamental functionality, Tim delivers stable and maintainable systems. Tim enjoys the group dynamic of software development, promoting open discussion and unique knowledge sharing to build stronger teams. When Tim is not writing software, he enjoys spending time with his family, he can be found at a lacrosse field, hockey rink, or cheer competition watching his kids compete.

brad jolicoeur

sr software architect

Brad Jolicoeur has 20 years of experience as a full-stack developer who has designed and implemented custom software solutions for enterprises and packaged software as a service offerings. Throughout Mr. Jolicoeur's career he has paired his strong technical background with a passion for helping software development teams work well through Lean Software Development methodologies. Some enterprises of note that Mr. Jolicoeur has implemented solutions for include ARI, Aramark, Comcast and the National Football League (NFL).

matthew kercheval

sr software architect

Matthew has spent the past fifteen years as a full stack developer, spending the last three years focused on building distributed, reactive and cloud-centric systems. Proficient in all phases of product life-cycle, willing to serve in any role to ensure successful delivery of sustainable software products. Matthew enjoys helping in many different positions to provide any team that he is a member with a favorable outcome. When not at his mechanical keyboard, he can be found just being a dad, serving at his local assembly or throwing the occasional dragon punch → ↓ ↘ + P.

eric schatschnieder

sr software architect

Eric Schatzschneider has work in software development for 20+ years, including a number of years working internationally. In the last few years he has been focus on building distributed applications both in the cloud and on-premise. He has a passion for architecture, distributed system and building teams. When not focusing on technology, he is spending time with his wife, kids and their two dogs.

stan barney

sr software architect

Stan has over 20 years of professional software development experience, spanning several industries such as medical, finance, and security. He has a passion for creating large scale distributed systems that solve complex business problems.  He enjoys traveling, golf, and good food.

mark wheeler

sr database architect

Mark is an innovative database developer and architect with 15+ years of experience providing clients with new solutions or reengineering existing systems that are scalable, delivered on time and enterprise ready. A leader that has experience building, mentoring and managing database teams that design, develop, implement and support SQL Server solutions. 

Michael mccarthy

sr software architect

Mike is a Senior Software Architect with 20+ years of development experience implementing high volume systems for the financial and healthcare industries. Taking a pragmatic approach by iteratively implementing fundamental functionality, he delivers stable and maintainable systems. Mike enjoys the group dynamic of software development, promoting open discussion and unique knowledge sharing to build stronger teams. When he is not writing software, he enjoys spending time with his family.

cody derrick

sr software architect

With over 20 years of experience, Cody is a results-driven engineer who can think “out of the box”. Experienced in design and problem solving; skilled in solution analysis and working with business to deliver. Mostly experienced in Microsoft technologies, the last few years have been a mixture of .NET Core, Golang, containerization and devops.

alex rhees

sr software architect

Rhees has 15 years of broad experience within the IT sphere, and having worked in the telecommunications, finance, aerospace, and logistics industries, has developed a finely honed expertise in predictive/quantitative analytics and systems architecture within highly specialized environments. Currently working on a degree in Aerospace Engineering at University of Colorado, he enjoys camping in the Rockies and exploring the delights of lovely Denver, CO.

chris wall

sr software architect

Chris has been designing and developing applications since the late 1990’s across several different technology ecosystems and industries. With a passion for software development; he devotes a significant amount of his free time to pursue the improvement of his craft. His personal focus right now is front end user experience and machine learning, as he sees those two areas as serious drivers for both consumer and business technology for years to come. He loves to be able to bring his experience and know-how to bear for the good of my clients.

o'neal texada

sr software architect

O'Neal brings over 17 years of software development experience, in both Java and .NET. He has delivered platforms that supported millions of concurrent users, and terabytes of incoming data.

mark leon watson

sr software architect

Mark has acquired more than 3 decades of professional software development experience by working within multiple industries and companies. He has also gained much business specific knowledge by working within the following business domains: accounting, advertising, banking, consulting, education, entertainment, environment, finance, insurance, GIS, government, inventory/warehouse, IT, loans, management, marketing, media, oil & gas, retail, sales and security. 

sunil malik

sr software architect

Sunil has 2 decades of hands on experience in the Microsoft technology space and considers himself to be still learning on daily basis. Over these years, he has worked across various domains - telecommunications, healthcare, relocation, finance, management, logistics, etc. Apart from technology he is known for his examplary understanding of business, team dynamics, leadership, and general management.

atul patel

sr software architect

Atul is a solution architect and full stack developer with 15 years of experience in the software system life cycle including design, coding, debugging & implementation, unit/integration test, and maintenance of various applications. 
He has architected distributed computing and solved complex business problems; provided coaching and advice to clients on distributed computing, and has spent a large portion of his career utilizing tools like NserviceBus/ Masstransit and queues like MSMQ and RabbitMQ.

mohsen vafa

sr software architect

Mohsen is a hands-on software architect with extensive experience in designing and developing cloud-based applications.  He has a strong record of achievement in software and data architecture, design, development, and support. He loves having quality time with his family and when he is not working, he enjoys hiking, traveling, biking, and watching mystery movies.

don hamm

sr software architect

Don is one of our most experienced and best software architects. With over two decades of experience, Don has successfully delivered projects in a variety of business verticals, including finance, healthcare, government, defense, marketing, energy, and security.

steven hill

sr software architect

For over 30 years Steven Hill has built a diverse portfolio of successful projects in just about every industry. A jack of all trades focusing mostly on Microsoft technologies, he also has experience in DevOps, Hardware and Networking.

sean campion

software developer

Sean is a full-stack developer with a specialization in front-end and UX design, and has his certification as an Agile SCRUM Master. He has been a developer for two years now, and is currently in school to become a bio-mechanical engineer. When he isn't developing or in class, he can usually be found out in the workshop with various woodworking projects or camping.

elias nunez

sr software architect

Elias has over 15 years of experience as a full stack developer and consultant.  His experience ranges from highly scalable distributed systems to micro services, cloud architectures and to front end development. When he's not coding, he enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

alex steger

sr software architect

Alex has architected solutions for the health care, insurance, and chemical industries over the past 20 years. He specializes in .NET, Angular, SQL Server, and NServiceBus. In his spare time, Alex enjoys photography, chess, and travelling.

sarah korom

director operations

As director of operations, Sarah manages the day to day of Afterman Software. From helping clients and partners to ensuring our employees' needs, Sarah plays a critical role in keeping our team organized and functioning at our best.

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